Rental of the Gas South Convention Center is arranged through the Sales Department. Please review the list of policies pertaining to space rental and booking.


Rental of Gas South Convention Center is arranged through the Sales Department. Facilities and dates will be temporarily held up to seven days pending notification to the contrary by either party. Facilities and dates are considered a firm or contractual commitment ONLY upon execution of a Licensed Agreement by the event sponsor and the Center specifying all details of the commitment. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due upon execution of a formal Gas South District Lease Agreement. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the event. To contact the Booking and Sales Department, email Sales@GasSouthDistrict.com.

Business Services

While the Convention Center does not currently house a Business Center, we are able to provide copies and faxes should the need arise.


Proof of the Pudding is our exclusive in-house caterer. All Food and Beverage must be arranged through Proof.


Client is responsible for any damages to the building, furnishings or equipment. Damages of any kind should be reported promptly to the Gas South District Security Department.

Decorating Materials

Helium balloons, glitter, confetti, adhesive-backed decals, stickers, or any other decorative items may be brought in by the client with written consent of an Event Manager. An additional charge will be assessed for any items requiring removal by facility staff. All decorative material must be flame retardant.


Gas South District is located 45 minutes north on Interstate-85 from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and 30 minutes north on Interstate-85 from downtown Atlanta.

Heading North: If you are traveling on Interstate-85 going northbound, take Sugarloaf Parkway, exit 108, and turn right onto Sugarloaf Parkway. Cross over Satellite Boulevard and Gas South District will be on your left.

Heading South: If you are traveling on Interstate-85 going southbound, take Sugarloaf Parkway, exit 109, and turn right onto Sugarloaf Parkway. Cross over Satellite Boulevard, and Gas South District will be on your left.

Event Services

The Event Services Department has access to an extensive inventory of meeting necessities to help make your event a success; everything you need from tables, linens, pipe and drape, easels, and more. An Event Coordinator will work with you to diagram your room layout and make sure you have everything you need on the day of your event.

Event Staff

Based on the size, details and requirements of the event, additional staff may be required and or requested. This will be determined by the Event Manager during the planning process.

Exclusive Services

Food and Beverage is to be arranged exclusively through our in-house caterer, Proof of the Pudding. No outside Food or Beverage is allowed in the Convention Center.

Guest Services

A guest services desk is located at the main entrance to the Convention Center. Our Concierge will be able to assist with local information on restaurants, hotels, upcoming events and transportation.


A Certificate of Insurance is required for all events both public and private. We require comprehensive public liability and property damage insurance with a combined single limit of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000.00), issued by a company licensed to provide such coverage in the State of Georgia, insuring against all liability arising out of use of the Center. Required on the policy and certificate as additional insured are: Sugarloaf Gwinnett Center, LLC dba Gas South District, Gwinnett County Government, and the Gwinnett Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

Load-In / Load-Out

Loading or unloading is permitted only through the loading docks. No loading or unloading is permitted through the front of the building. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Parking varies by event. 

Please click here for general parking information. 


The Gas South District reserves the right to require additional security personnel, police and paramedics for the purpose of public safety, crowd management and logistical control as it relates to public and private events. Any event where alcohol is being consumed will require a Gwinnett County Police Officer for the full event time. Such use of required additional security will be supplied under the terms and conditions as stipulated in the contract.

Shipping and Receiving

No packages or freight will be accepted prior to the contracted move-in dates. The moving of the shipped freight from dock to assigned spaces is the sole responsibility of the client. Alternate arrangements can be made through Event Management. Return shipments are the sole responsibility of the client and should be off the dock within 24 hours.

Technical Services

Your Event Coordinator will connect you with a representative from ONsite to handle all of your A/V needs as well as personnel for set-up, operation and tear-down. ONsite is about more than just audio/visual equipment. They provide full technology services, from the most intimate board meeting to the largest convention general session. Other A/V equipment may be brought into the facility, however, Convention Center personnel are not responsible for set-up and/or operation. There will be an additional fee for all required power for equipment not supplied by the Convention Center.


Client is responsible for the complete removal of bulk trash. "Bulk Trash" is materials that cannot be removed with a broom. Pallets and large pieces of lumber and similar trash may not be placed in the Convention Center's trash compactors or open-top dumpsters.


The Gas South District is a non-union, right-to-work facility. Clients may load, unload and assemble any equipment needed.

Additional Policies: Gas South Theater

Crew Requirements

Gas South Theater has production staffing requirements for all events held in the facility. If your event is publicly attended, front of house staff will be required in addition to the required production staff. For any private events, a minimum amount of front of house staff is required with the option to add additional staff at the clients’ request. Overtime rates may apply based on requested access times, on hours worked before 7:00 A.M., after midnight and any hours worked over ten (10) hours in one day by the same employee. Double-time rates apply on any hours worked over ten (10) hours in one day by the same employee on any Gas South District recognized holidays.


Production staff must have a meal break every five (5) hours. A meal break consists of one (1) hour off property with the chamber/stage totally empty or a half hour on property non-working break with client providing meals. If the production staff does not receive a meal break after working five (5) hours the staff will be paid at the overtime rate until a meal break is given or a meal is provided by the client.

Minimum Crew Size

Due to the complex technical nature of the Gas South Theater the following minimum crew are required for any activity in the Theater:

  • Production Manager
  • Light Operator
  • Sound Operator
  • Stagehand

Additional staff may be required based on the event needs. All staff is at a four (4) hour minimum.

Hourly Rates

House Staff

House staff is assigned as follows during publicly attended performances:

  • House Manager
  • Two (2) Ticket Takers (for ticketed events only)
  • Four (4) Ushers
  • Medical Technician
  • Police Officer

Additional staff may be required based on the event needs. All staff is at a four (4) hour minimum.

For private attended events the House staff is assigned as follows:

  • House Manager
  • Two (2) Ushers
  • Medical Technician

Additional staff may be required or requested by the client based on the event needs. All staff is at a four (4) hour minimum.

Custodial Staff

Custodial staff is assigned as needed, based on the activity and size of the crowd. Typically, custodial coverage will be assigned either to the entire event if there is continual high traffic, such as a dance competition, or to the peak area of attendance for a performance event. There are typically one (1) to two (2) custodians assigned to an event.


Gas South District works with and schedules on-site security through the Gwinnett County Police Department. Security may be required for events held in the Infinite Energy Theater based on the following criteria: Size of the event, parking/traffic needs, event/number of participants, general age range of participants (events with significant participation/attendance by minors may require additional security), the nature of your event and if an event requests alcohol to be served in excess (additional bars requested or liquor served). Any on-site security required by Gas South District or requested by the client will be billed to the client or event presenter for hours worked. All Gwinnett County Police Officers are paid at a three (3) hour minimum.