Anchoring the Gas South Convention Center is the 90,000 square foot exhibit hall space. The exhibit halls accommodate trade shows, conventions, concerts, and sporting events.

The Gas South Convention Center also has 23 versatile meeting rooms that can be configured for events from 2 – 1,000 attendees to provide breakout spaces.

If you are participating in a trade show or consumer show, the Convention Center offers a range of services including power, telecommunication, and audio-visual services. Our professional, experienced staff will ensure to accommodate all your needs. Whether you need an extension cord or a last minute internet connection, we will make it happen.

Exhibitor's Guide


Tired of lugging around bulky monitors, TVs, or screens from show to show? 

If you require special audio/visual needs outside the Exhibit Hall, please contact the show promoter or Gas South District's Audiovisual vendor at (770) 813-7592.


Animals are not permitted in the Convention Center except in conjunction with an approved exhibit, display, or performance legitimately requiring the use of animals. Trained guide dogs and service animals are permitted.


Client is responsible for any damages to the building, furnishings or equipment. Damages of any kind should be reported promptly to the Convention Center Security Department.

Decorating Materials

Helium balloons, glitter, confetti, adhesive backed decals, stickers, or any other decorative items may be brought in by the client with written consent of an Event Manager. An additional charge will be assessed for any items requiring removal by faculty staff. All decorative materials must be flame retardant. Decorations may not be taped, nailed, tacked or otherwise fastened to ceilings, painted surfaces, or columns.


Blocking of any Fire Exit is prohibited. No fire suppression equipment shall be obstructed or concealed. Vehicles with gasoline engines may be displayed with a maximum of two (2) gallons of gas remaining in the tank. A locking gas cap must be installed or the tank must be adequately sealed in some appropriate manner. All battery cables must be disconnected and taped to avoid potential sparks. Welding equipment, open flames, smoke emitting materials as part of an exhibit, fireworks or explosives must be specifically approved on an individual basis by the Gwinnett County Fire Marshal.


The standard power order for a show is a 20Amp 120V Circuit.  A single 20Amp circuit is enough to power up to 2400 Watts of equipment.  The standard drop in the exhibit hall comes with a quad box that has four standard outlets.  If you are bringing specialty equipment with you, whether it be an oven, deep frier, or a hot-tub, Gas South District's electricians can assist you in powering your equipment.  Specialty power is available throughout the exhibit hall. 

If you require special power outside of the Exhibit Hall, please contact the show promoter or Gas South District's Technical Services at (770) 813-7616.

To access the service order form, please click here.

Electrical/Telecommunications Charges

Electricity is billed at the prevailing electrical form rate.

Food and Beverage

All Food & Beverage must be arranged through our Exclusive In-House Caterer, Proof of the Pudding. No outside F&B is allowed.

Hazardous Material

Exhibitor’s cannot bring any material, substance, equipment or object which reasonably may endanger the life of, cause bodily harm to, any person in the Convention Center, or which may reasonably constitute a hazard to the building or the property therein. Under no circumstances may grease or other waste material be poured into drains. Such material must be removed in proper containers in accordance with applicable regulations and ordinances.

Load In/Load-Out

Loading or unloading is permitted only through the loading docks. No loading or unloading is permitted through the front of the building. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Exhibitor parking varies by event. Event Managers will work with the client to detail a parking plan. 

Please click here for general parking information. 


All rigging in the facility must be handled by the Convention Center's personnel and arranged in advance through an Event Manager. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Shipping and Receiving

No packages or freight will be accepted prior to the contracted move-in dates. The moving of shipped freight from dock to assigned spaces is the sole responsibility of the client. Alternate arrangements can be made through event management. Return shipments are the sole responsibility of the client and must be completed within twenty-four (24) hours.


Smoking is not permitted inside the Convention Center under Gwinnett County’s Clean Indoor Air Ordinance. The facility has designated exterior smoking areas.


The Convention Center accepts no responsibility for loss of equipment left unsecured in the exhibitor’s area. Empty crate storage is not permitted in the exhibit halls and service/dock/interior building areas.


Gas South District offers VOIP phone lines, ISDN service (primarily used for live radio broadcasts), and wired internet access (perfect for showing off your website or online registration). In addition, Gas South District offers complementary Wifi across the campus.  

To access the service order form, please click here.


Exhibitors are responsible for the complete removal of bulk trash. “Bulk Trash” is materials that cannot be removed with a broom. Pallets and large pieces of lumber and similar trash may not be placed in the Convention Center's trash compactors or open top dumpsters.