Employee Recognition Program

Level Up Your Experience!

  • Elevate is a GCVB recognition and rewards program where our employees can earn points based on 5 areas
  • The 5 are you can Elevate:
    • Elevate your Knowledge
    • Elevate your Wellness
    • Elevate the Community
    • Elevate your Career
    • Elevate the Organizaton
  • Points are earned by completing specified tasks, activities, and criteria.
  • After completion of the specific task, activity, or criteria, employees should fill out the online form - bit.ly/GCVBElevateForm
  • There is an option to submit items as "Other" if something is not listed.  Submissions will be evaluated for eligibility.
  • All points earned by each employee will be tracked. 
  • As an employee earns points, they move up the 4 different rankings. 
  • Incentives are given based on reaching the specified level of points.
  • Quarterly updates will be given to announce top employee performance.
  • Enter-to-win opportunities will be provided throughout the progress to encourage staff to increase their efforts.
  • Bonus points will also be given for specific tasks or events throughout the annual program.
  • Incentives are given based on reaching the specified level of points
  • Final points are calculated after 12 months, and the year's top three “point earners” will receive an award and a grand prize.

Point System

Elevate your Knowledge

Task/Activity Points
Paylocity Learning Modules (Assigned by HR/Supervisors) 1
Paylocity Learning Modules (Self-Paced)  2
Attend HR Related Meetings (i.e. 401K or benefits) 2
Attend/Participate in Safety & Security hosted training by deadline 5

Elevate your Wellness

Task/Activity Points
Participating in Yoga Class 5
Participating in Walking Program 5
5K Participation 10
Get a Flu Shot 5

Elevate the Community

Task/Activity Points
Volunteer Time Off (VTO) -  8 hours 15
Serve on a Board of Directors or Community Organization Committee 15
Community Role (i.e. Non-Profits, Church, HOA, Coach/Team Parent, PTA, Room Parent) 5
Participation in organization drives (i.e. GSD food drive, MEC supply drive) 10

Elevate your Career

Elevate your Career Points
Professional/Industry training and courses (i.e. LinkedIn, Microsoft, Webinars) 5
Read an article or book related to self-improvement, career development or industry related (5 Points) 5
Professional/Industry certifications (i.e. Salesforce, IAVM, Journey, Forklift/Lift) 10
Life Safety/CPR Certification 5

Elevate the Organization

Elevate the Organization Points
Participation in Employee Surveys 5
Assisting in another division (i.e. scanning tickets, chair strike or chair sets, volunteering for MEC) 5
Volunteering to be on a staff committee 2
Recognition from supervisor, client, guest, community, colleague, peer 5

Levels of Achievement