Welcome to Gas South District, where sustainability is taking center stage. We are proud to share our commitment to creating a greener future, not only in our arena, convention center, and theater, but across all our facilities, no matter the event size. 

Our campus is implementing a comprehensive recycling program that diverts waste from landfills and reduces our environmental impact. We also invest in energy-efficient technologies like LED lighting and waste-reduction technologies such as hand dryers in all arena concourse restrooms. The campus is also irrigated utilizing rain water collected in our lake located outside of the Convention Center and Theater.

We are committed to collaborating with artists and event organizers to help implement sustainable practices into their events. From encouraging the use of digital tickets to providing waste diversion resources and recycling bins throughout venues, we strive to create a sustainable event experience. 

As we embark on prioritizing this sustainability journey, we recognize that there is still progress to be made. We cannot fully achieve our goals without the active participation of our valued guests attending the events we host.

Join us.

By recycling and properly disposing of waste during your visit, you can contribute to reducing the event's environmental impact. We encourage you to utilize our conveniently placed recyling bins and follow guidelines for correct separation. Opt into digital tickets or programs to reduce paper waste, and consider carpooling events to reduce carbon emissions. 

After visiting our campus, your feedback is crucial in refining our sustainabilty practices. We appreciate your input, ideas and recommendations to enhance our commitment to a greener future of events. Together, we can make a positive impact and identify new opportunities for improvement.

A greener future

As we work toward greener events, we acknowledge that this is just the first step in our sustianability commitment. We recognize areas for improvement and appreciate your patience and understanding as we address any challenges that arise. We are actively working behind the scenes to increase waste diversion rates and explore more sustainable event solutions in Gwinnett County.

Together, we can host events that not only entertain but also leave a positive environmental impact on the community. Follow us on social media or check back soon for updates on our progress!