Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is intended for all Web site visitors, including, but not limited to, existing clients and any site visitor. We are conscious of privacy concerns of Internet users and want to make your online experience with us is favorable and safe. This Privacy Policy describes our position regarding the collection and use of the information we may obtain about persons who visit our Web site. By visiting our Web site, you agree to the practices we describe in this Privacy Policy.

General Collection of Information

The possible collection of information about users during visits to this Web site, as described below, is controlled by Sugarloaf Gwinnett Center, LLC. Questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy or its application can be directed to us at In general, you can visit this Web site without identifying who you are or revealing any information about yourself unless specified below. Information collected online can generally be categorized as anonymous or personally identifiable. Anonymous information is information that cannot be connected to the identity of a specific individual. Personally, identifiable information is information that specifically identifies a particular user, such as name, email or phone number. An example of anonymous information is the fact that, while this Web site may record the number of visits to a particular page that occur in a given period of time, it does not necessarily tell us the names or other identifying information of every visitor. However, whether intentionally or unintentionally, tracked or captured, a site visitor will leave an identifiable record of his/her IP (Internet Protocol) address. Many users of this Web site will choose not to provide any personally identifiable information and, therefore, those individuals are anonymous to us and any data collected about their use of this Web site is anonymous information.

Voluntary Information

We collect personally identifiable information for four (4) general reasons: (i) to respond to your request for group sales; (ii) to respond to your request for suite information; (iii) to respond to your request for a Request for Proposal; and (iv) to respond to your request to receive any and/or all Gas South District newsletters either by electronic (email) and/or USPS mail. The amount of personally identifiable information that you choose to disclose to us is entirely up to you unless specified as a required field within each online form. The only way we know something about you personally is if you provide it to us. Your decision regarding how much personally identifiable information you disclose will obviously affect the scope of your use of our Web site or the means by which a Gas South District representative may contact you. Without such reasonable information, we may not be able to respond appropriately to your questions or offer our services, such as, but not limited to, support and/or training.

Automatic Anonymous Information

When you explore or surf the Internet and various Web sites, your Internet browser (such as Netscape Navigator® or Microsoft® Internet Explorer) automatically transmits some information to us every time you access the content on our Web site. Examples of such information include the URL of the Web page you were just on (known as the "Refer"), the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the computer you are using, or the browser version you are using to access our site. All of this information is aggregated to measure, but not limited to, the number of visits, average time spent on this Web site, pages viewed and similar usage information. We collect this information and may use it to measure the use and/or effectiveness of this Web site in order to improve the content of this Web site. All of the information that is automatically submitted to us by your browser is considered anonymous information. To the extent we share such information with third parties, it is not traceable to any particular user and may not be used to contact you.

Use of Information Collected

If you choose to provide personally identifiable information to us, we will maintain such information for purposes of tracking, providing support, providing training, providing company newsletters and promoting sales and advising you of new products, services, and events. We may be required by law enforcement or judicial authorities to provide personally identifiable information to the appropriate governmental authorities. If requested by law enforcement or judicial authorities, we will provide this information upon receipt of the appropriate documentation. We may also release information to law enforcement agencies or other third parties if we feel it is necessary to protect the safety and welfare of our personnel or to enforce our Terms of Use. Other companies that place advertising on our site may collect information about you when you view or click on their advertising or content through the use of cookies. Due to the way the Internet technically operates, we cannot control this collection of information. You should contact these advertisers or content providers directly if you have any questions about their collection and use of information about you. It should be noted that anyone placing advertising on our Web site can only collect anonymous information about you unless you actively provide personally identifiable information to them.

Reviewing, Revising or Deleting Information Collected

By providing personally identifiable information, you consent to our use of such information as set forth in this Policy unless you specifically opt out of any such use by contacting a Gas South District representative directly or by emailing at If you choose not to provide personally identifiable information, you can still use most of this Web site. However, you will not be able to utilize aspects of the site that require submission of personally identifiable information. You may review and update personally identifiable information you have provided us or withdraw your consent to allow us to retain personally identifiable information you have provided at any time by contacting us directly. If you withdraw your consent, however, you will no longer be able to participate in the activity for which your consent was previously given.

Children's Privacy Policy

Children under 13 may not be fully capable of understanding the consequences of giving out personal information online. Therefore, we do not intentionally solicit any personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. Accordingly, children under 13 years old may be restricted from participating in certain activities and transactions on

  • We will not knowingly collect online contact information from a child under 13 without prior parental consent or direct parental notification of the nature and intended use of this information, which shall include an opportunity for the parent to prevent the use of the information and participation in the activity. This online contact information shall only be used to directly respond to the child's request and shall not be used for future contact to the child for other purposes without prior parental consent.
  • We will not collect individually identifiable offline contact information from children under 13 without prior parental consent.
  • We will not distribute individually identifiable information collected from a child under 13 to third parties.
  • We will not give the ability to children under 13 to publicly post or otherwise distribute individually identifiable contact information without prior parental consent. Areas on our site directed to children under 13 will make every effort to prohibit a child from posting contact information.
  • We will not entice a child under 13 by the prospect of a special game, prize or other activity, to divulge more information than is needed to participate in that activity.


We operate secure data networks protected by industry standard firewall and password protection systems. Our security and privacy policies are periodically reviewed and enhanced as necessary, and only authorized individuals have access to the personally identifiable information provided by our users. We do not, however, guarantee that unauthorized, inadvertent disclosure will never occur.

A Gas South District legal Director as specified within the Articles of Incorporation and/or By-Laws reserves the right to change or update this Privacy Policy at any time by notifying visitors of the existence and location of the new or revised Privacy Policy.