Dec 27

The Internship Experience

Written by: Maritsa Restrepo, Marketing Intern

Published: December 27, 2019


Around the time I was in fifth grade, I saw my first concert at Gas South District and about twelve years later, I had the incredible opportunity to be the Marketing Intern here. As my internship draws to a close, I have been given time to reflect on my experience. 

My first week as the Marketing Intern began with a Jonas Brother’s ticket giveaway. It was so much fun being able to see the work that went into planning a giveaway and at the end of the week, I got to be there when the lucky winner won their tickets. The daily tasks of the internship were never the same, and this constant change made coming to work each day interesting. One day I would be proofreading a press release and the next I would be blowing up balloons and cutting out palm trees. 

The number of shows this time was extensive, and it easily became one of my favorite parts of the internship. The first concert I was able to assist with was Marco Antonio Solís, and amidst the crowd of happy concert goers, it was great being able to see how the Marketing department is involved in so much. From meeting and guiding the photographers and media to answering questions for guests. Part of what was so cool about working these events for the internship was that things were never the same. Everyone around the venue is flexible, adaptable, and ready to help with whatever situation arises.

After ten concerts, it feels like this has been such a well-rounded internship. It has allowed me to experience multiple facets of the extensive preparation that goes on before a show. It’s been a dream come true for the fifth-grader in me who never would have imagined having the opportunity to work in the same venue where she saw her first concert. Now, I have so many wonderful experiences and great memories to take with me.