July 14

Purchasing Tickets: The Do’s and Don’ts


Written by: Dessa Snyder, Marketing Intern

Published: July 14, 2020 


Infinite Energy Center hosts a wide array of events. There is something for everyone to enjoy!  As tickets to shows sell out, the only option left for some is to purchase tickets from a myriad of third-party sites. However, there’s a chance you may be left disappointed come show time if you’ve purchased your ticket(s) from a third-party instead of from our official ticket partner, AXS.


Not only are third-party tickets often more expensive, but there is also no way for you to protect your purchase. Infinite Energy Center is not able to guarantee that the tickets are legitimate because they were not purchased through AXS.


By purchasing your ticket(s) directly from AXS, or the Arena, you can shop worry free with the guarantee of a legitimate ticket. This allows us access to the details of the purchase history, and the ability to provide any assistance needed.


We highly encourage our customers to only purchase tickets one of the following ways to avoid ticket problems:

Purchase your tickets without worry, download the AXS app, and enjoy the show!