Future of Gas South District®

As a partner/supporter of Gas South District®, it is important for us to keep you informed of the plans and improvements for the future of Gas South District®. Years of discussions, research, and planning have contributed to the development of the newest Master Plan which will become one of the most exciting destination locations in Metro Atlanta.

This site is to share project concepts and updates throughout the progress of the Master Plan project.

Master Plan Project Overview

  • Double the convention space in the Convention Center with additional exhibit space and meeting rooms.
  • Replace surface parking with parking decks for centralized access to all the venues.
  • Create additional ingress/egress options throughout the property.
  • Improve the interior fixtures and furniture to create a comfortable social atmosphere throughout the venues.
  • Improve the exterior walkability aspects including surrounding walkways, landscaping, and lighting.
  • Build a headquarters hotel to accommodate the needs of the campus events.
  • Create an entertainment district to serve the citizens and guests of Gwinnett to come early and stay late.
  • Flythrough VideoTake a look at a virtual concept of our Master Plan