Part-Time Employee Recognition Program

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Bring the SPARK to Gas South District®

Let’s ignite a SPARK!

  • SPARK is a Gas South District recognition and rewards program in which our part-time employees can earn points, or SPARKs, based on four areas.
  • The 4 categories are:
      • This includes non-mandatory training opportunities. Or if the staff member attends a training related to their job outside of our organization. (i.e. CPR and First Aid)
      • This can be from a manager, supervisor, or peer which can highlight excellent customer service, attention/reporting of life-safety issues.
      • This is if a guest or client makes a compliment towards any of the PT staff members to a supervisor or in writing.
      • Each month, the Supervisor will send the Employee Engagement Manager a list of part-time employees who have earned “consistency” for that month. This will be at the discretion of the Supervisor. (This is based on punctuality, no-shows, or call-outs.)

Tracking SPARKs!

  • To have your SPARK tracked, you must complete the form.
  • There are multiple ways the form can be filled out – online by clicking the logo above, paper form located with your supervisor, or by emailing Katie Brejda at
  • Submitting items as "Other" is possible if something is not listed.  Submissions will be evaluated on an individual basis for eligibility.
  • All SPARks earned by each employee will be tracked by the Employee Engagement Manager. 
  • As an employee earns SPARKS, they will move up the 5 different rankings. Incentives are given based on reaching the specified level of sparks.
  • Monthly updates will be posted to Paylocity to announce top employee performance. When an employee reaches a specific tier, the prize will be delivered monthly to the supervisors for distribution.

Tiers of Achievement 



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If you have any questions regarding the program, please get in touch with Katie Brejda at