Employee Recognition Program

Level Up Your Experience!

  • Elevate is a GCVB recognition and rewards program where our employees can earn points based on 5 areas
  • The 5 categories are:
    • Elevate your Knowledge
    • Elevate your Wellness
    • Elevate the Community
    • Elevate your Career
    • Elevate the Organization
  • Points are earned by completing specified tasks, activities, or criteria.
  • After completion of the specific task, activity, or criteria, employees should fill out the online form - https://forms.office.com/r/nvZCCyDzNs
  • Submitting items as "Other" is possible if something is not listed.  Submissions will be evaluated for eligibility.
  • All points earned by each employee will be tracked. 
  • As an employee earns points, they will move up the 4 different rankings. Incentives are given based on reaching the specified level of points.
  • Monthly updates will be given to announce top employee performance.
  • Bonus points will also be given for specific tasks or events throughout the annual program.
  • Final points are calculated after 12 months, and the year's top three “point earners” will receive an award and a grand prize.

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Suggested Point System Opportunities

Elevate your Knowledge

  Task/Activity   Points
Assigned Paylocity Module 2
Self-Initiated Paylocity Module 3 (max 15 points)
Attend Staff Benefits Meetings 2
Safety & Security Trainings 5
Meeting with Retirement or Financial Planner 2
Meeting with Mentor (Outside of Organization) 1
Webinar (Not Paylocity) 5
Regions Financial Seminars 5

Elevate your Wellness

  Task/Activity   Points
Walking Program Participation 5
Flu Shot 5
Additional Vaccines (COVID, Tetanus, Shingles, Pneumonia) 3
Complete Sporting Event (5K, Organized Fitness Class with 30 day minimum, Competition, sports league) 10 (max 50 points)
Sign Up for 12-Month Gym Membership 5

Elevate the Community

  Task/Activity   Points
Volunteer Time Off (VTO) - 8 hours 15
Volunteer Time Off (VTO) - 4 hours 7
Serve on Board of Directors or Community Organization Committee 10
Community Role (ie Non-profits, Church, HOA, Coach/Team Parent, PTA, Room Parent, Mystery Reader, Principal for a Day) 5
Participation in Organization Drive (Food, Supply, Toiletry, etc.) 10 (max 50 points)
Attend a Fundraiser for a Non-Profit Organization 5
Blood Drive Donation 10 (max 40 points)

Elevate your Career

  Task/Activity   Points
Professional/Industry Training, Certifications, or Programs (i.e. LinkedIn, Microsoft, Salesforce, IAVM, Journey, Forklift, etc.) 10
Read an Article or Book Related to Self-Improvement, Career Development, or Industry Related 2 (max 100 points)
Attend Professional/Industry Networking Events (i.e. GYP, Chamber, School Alumni, etc.) 10 (max 50 points)
Nominated for an Award 3
Speaking Engagement 5
Teach an Industry Training (Outside of Organization) 5
Life Safety/CPR Certification 10
Attend Professional Development Speaker/Lecture 5

Elevate the Organization

  Task/Activity   Points
Participation in Employee Surveys 5
Assisting Another Division (i.e. scanning tickets, chair strikes, chair sets, etc.) 10 (max 30 points)
Volunteering to be on a Staff Committee 2
Recognition from a Supervisor, Client, Guest, or Colleague 5 (max 50 points)

Levels of Achievement

Elevate Presentation - Circle.png

Program Details

Purpose: The ELEVATE employee recognition program provides full-time Gwinnett Convention and Visitors Bureau employees the opportunity to elevate themselves and be rewarded for their efforts. The self-initiated program encourages individuals to complete tasks/activities to enhance themselves personally and professionally. Each of the suggested tasks/activities encompasses the GCVB values and ultimately reinforces the value of Elevate the Experience.  

The listed tasks/activities are suggestions only. Individuals, supervisors, division heads, Employee Engagement Manager, and leadership can provide other opportunities for earning points. The program encourages employees to elevate themselves and their experience working at GCVB. How much an individual puts into the program determines how much they will get out of it.


Earn points based on completed tasks/activities to encourage the employees of GCVB to expand their efforts beyond their assigned job responsibilities. In addition, it is an opportunity to reward employees for their desired behavior and recognize them for their actions.

General Details:

  • Elevate program will begin at the start of each calendar year. Submission of points will conclude on December 31st, and new tracking will begin on January 1st.  
  • The criteria listed are suggested opportunities divided into 5 categories: Knowledge, Wellness, Community, Career, Organization
  • A task/activity could be eligible even if it is not listed. Items can be submitting it anyways as “Other” or “Unsure.”
  • A task/activity may not be represented in a specific category or fall under multiple categories. If an employee is unsure, choose the “Unsure” option on the submission form, and the committee will assign a point value compared to the suggested task.
  • Points or items will not carry over into future years. If you earned a valid certification for 3 years, it is only eligible in the year you completed the certification requirements. 

How are Points Earned?

  • Points are earned by completing specific tasks, activities, or criteria.
  • Employees should fill out the Elevate Submission Form online at https://forms.office.com/r/nvZCCyDzN
  • The complete date and a specific item description should be filled out on the form. If there is any particular documentation available, this can be uploaded in the submission. 

Point System Opportunities

  • The items listed are for suggestions only. GCVB encourages individuals to find other opportunities that might be more suitable for their job, role, or business unit. 
  • These opportunities can be submitted as Other under the suitable category or as Unsure. The committee will assign a point value based on the suggested task values.
  • An employee, supervisor, division head, Employee Engagement Manager, or Leadership can provide additional opportunities that may not be listed. 
  • 5K Race: An employee can participate in a 5K (or 10K if chosen) by submitting their registration receipt to GCVB for reimbursement of up to $50.00. The company is not liable for any injury suffered during training or on the racecourse, nor any training tools, equipment, etc., related to the race.
  • Other wellness activities could be eligible for earned points. However, a maximum number earned may apply. We encourage our employees to live a healthy lifestyle, but an individual may not earn points for each activity, like a daily walk, jog, or bike ride. Most wellness activities listed are GCVB sponsored or offered. Therefore, we encourage our employees to take advantage of the opportunity at the workplace. The company is not responsible for paying for any training tools, equipment, etc., related to a wellness or fitness activity.
  • Volunteer Time Off (VTO): GCVB employees have the opportunity to take paid time off to support a volunteerism opportunity during regularly scheduled working hours. Proper procedures must be followed to determine eligibility (refer to VTO Policy for more details). Each employee has the right to 16 hours of VTO annually, which can earn a maximum of 30 points.
  • Assisting Another Department: In order to earn points for this task, the assistance should include a significant effort to help another department. Examples of tasks are setting chairs, striking chairs, scanning tickets, directing traffic, selling tickets, ushering guests, etc.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please get in touch with Katie Brejda at katie@exploregwinnett.org.